Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Bound

It’s still so hard to believe that the football season is coming to a close with our Seattle Seahawks heading to New York to play the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48. I’m not going to lie, Seahawks Nation. I nearly cried when our Seahawks intercepted that pass into the end zone to end the game. Seattle is such a deserving city to win a Super Bowl. Our teams have endured so much. Our fans have endured so many heart breaks and heart aches.

I will say this; we aren’t a city of entitlements. We aren’t a city of hand outs, and we aren’t a city of taking what isn’t ours. We gut it out and we fight for every single win. The Seattle Seahawks season is no different. We deserved and fought hard for every single win acquired this year.

Advancing to the Super Bowl seemed bleak. Kaepernick seemed to have his drive on lock but I knew in my heart it was only a matter of time before he made the ultimate mistake; throwing into Richard Sherman territory. And with 30 seconds on the clock, that’s exactly what he did. Kaep threw to his receiver who was covered by Richard Sherman. Sherman deflected the football and it was promptly intercepted to end the game. A scenario played out one too many times during the regular season.

Everyone had their doubts about Seattle. Hell, why not? Seattle never makes it to championships. The Mariners have never been to a World Series in franchise history and the Seattle Sonics have been the only Seattle team to have won a championship in Seattle sports history. It sucks to be a Seattle sports fan. It really, really does. So we cherish these moments. We cherish these moments like none other.

Richard Sherman is one of the best players Seattle has seen in a long time. He runs his mouth but he backs it up with all seriousness. If you don’t like it, tune him out. But Seattle loves him and supports him 100%. Why wouldn’t we? He’s our Seattle Seahawks. He’s the man who’ll deliver with two minutes on the clock, fourth quarter, down by a touch down and save us from what could be the end. He’s our Richard Sherman.

Define class in sports entertainment. Richard Sherman lacks class you say? How so? Because he speaks his mind? Because he ended your season as a fan? Because your team isn’t going to the Super Bowl? Or because you feel you hold professional athletes on this pedestal where they’re supposed to just keep their head down and catch the ball. Deep down, you want Richard Sherman on your football team. Deep down, you do. We all do. We all wish we had two corner backs just like Richard Sherman.

Don’t count the Seahawks out just yet. Peyton Manning is a hell of a football player. Don’t count out the Seahawks just yet.



Cano, Hart, Morrison, Buck

It’s been forever since I updated my new blog! I’ve been so busy with other things this off-season much like the Mariners have. The last time I blogged here was about Robinson Cano rumors.  And that quickly escalated into actually signing that guy to a long-term contract! I still can’t believe the Mariners signed him!

It gets better, though! This is all old news to most die-hard Mariners fans but I wanted to give my expert, unofficial baseball opinion and update my Facebook page while doing so.

Robinson Cano is going to do a lot for the Mariners. Even if he’s a bust and doesn’t produce like a multi-million dollar prodigy player, he will still attract other big names to Safeco Field. I have this feeling that other players are a little timid to come play for the Mariners. Lets face it M’s fans; the Mariners don’t have the best track record of winning championships and our glory days were in the mid-nineties. So I totally understand why players would rather play for the Yankees.

Corey Hart, if he stays healthy, I think, will make a huge impact in right field. He can also play first base. I’m not sure what the story is on Justin Smoak but I’m truly excited to see Hart play some baseball in Seattle. I think he will attract a great fan-base in the right field and I think it will bring a lot of attention to his career that he’s a solid player. Not that he didn’t get that in Milwaukee…

Logan Morrison. Are you kidding me?! What a great addition to an already all-star caliber team! Not only will Seattle finally get a little LoMo-ing in but I think his attitude will help lighten the tension in Safeco.

John Buck has been one of my favorite catchers of all time. Even since I first started watching him play in Kansas City, it’s finally awesome to see him play for Seattle. As a backup catcher to Zunino and Montero, I think Buck will see a lot of playing time this year and he will make a fine addition to coaching these younger guys.

Safeco Field is going to be the place to be this year and I’m really glad they opened up the ‘Pen area and made those additions to the fences. Hopefully they can come up with a catchy slogan this year!

It’s time for Mariners baseball!


Robinson Cano Rumors

Twitter is buzzing with Robinson Cano rumors. I’ve read 9 years at $240 mil and I’ve read 10 years at $225 mil. And, of course, everything in between. Many people might think Seattle is overpaying Cano but I look at this as a positive sign that the Mariners are finally doing something. Cano might hit a huge pay day and it might be with Seattle since Cano’s Dad is saying the Yankees aren’t even interested (and counter-offered the Mariners by way less). Jack Z has been looking for a big bat and here is a big bat.

This will be very good for Seattle to have Cano as clean-up. That way Seager can bat fifth and Miller or Franklin can bat third (in front of Cano) which gives both Miller or Franklin and Kyle Seager a chance to see a lot of good pitches because pitchers aren’t going to want to face Cano. It’s going to develop those guys a lot quicker and they will be great hitters.

Its a good move to pursue Cano, dontcha’ know (sorry, had to put that in there). Also, with Willie Bloomquist as utility, I think the Mariners are setting themselves up with success. I’d say deal Justin Smaok away and put Miller or Franklin at first base and keep Seager at third. Boom.

Punch your playoff tickets now, Mariners fans!



Mariners Announce 2014 Coaching Staff

I finished up my latest blog entry concerning the Mariners coaching staff overhaul, I quietly crawled into bed last night and went to sleep. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was check my Twitter account and my emails. To my surprise the Mariners had announced the new coaching staff for 2014! I was ecstatic and promptly opened up my email to find out who had been chosen!

Andy Van Slyke: Huge, HUGE, Van Slyke fan! He played 13 seasons in the bigs, eight with the Pirates, four with the Cardinals, one with the Phillies and one with the Baltimore Orioles. As Lookout Landing tweeted earlier in the day, “My baseball card collection is buzzing!” No doubt will I try to get his autograph at the Safe next season! Hell, I may just get it at Fanfest ’14 to save the trouble!

Howard Johnson: HoJo! I nearly did a back flip when I saw his name pop up! Howard Johnson as the Mariners hitting coach?! Johnson’s 14 seasons in the Bigs is very well spread out as well. Playing the majority of his career with the New York Mets, he’s also played with the Tigers, Cubs, and Rockies. A career .249 hitter with 228 home runs in 4940 at-bats, I’d say Johnson is well versed in teaching young talent how to hit the ball.

Rick Waits is the new pitching coach while Mike Rojas is the bullpen coach and Chris Woodward will serve as the infield coach. Jason Phillips stays as the bullpen catcher along with Dave Hansen will remain as the assistant hitting coach if looking for another team to coach falls through.



Is it March yet?!

Mariners Coaching Staff Overhaul

You’ve probably heard by now that the Mariners have overhauled the coaching staff. With Eric Wedge not returning and Lloyd McClendon stepping up to the plate to fill the role as Seattle’s new skipper, it only seemed like the right thing to do to get a whole new crew in there.

The purging of the Mariners coaching staff continued this week, with the team firing pitching coach Carl Willis and demoting bullpen coach Jaime Navarro to a minor-league position.” writes Geoff Baker for the Seattle Times. Willis had interviewed for the Phillies unsuccessfully, and returned a phone call from Jack Z, apparently explaining that (Willis) won’t be returning to the Mariners.

Bench coach Robby Thompson was also let go and Jeff Datz has yet to inform the team that he will be accepting a scouting role that had been offered to him. Third base coach Daren Brown, hitting coach Dave Hansen and bullpen catcher Jason Phillips are all waiting for decisions to be made regarding their roles with the Mariners.

McClendon has yet to put together a coaching staff for the 2014 season.


Matt Kemp Rumors

If the Mariners don’t do anything else during this offseason, the one thing they could do is; learn from the Franklin Gutierrez fiasco. Don’t get me wrong. I love Guti…when he was healthy and playing.

Matt Kemp has missed 145 games in the last two seasons due to various injuries. The plus side is; he’s only two years removed from finishing second  in MVP voting with 39 home runs, 136 RBIs, 353 total bases, and a .324 batting average. Another pitfall the Mariners would be looking at is his six year $128 million dollar contract the Dodgers are trying to wipe off their books. That’s a huge investment into a player who is seemingly made of glass.

Why are the Dodgers putting Kemp on the trading block? Well, it’s painfully obvious. Their outfield is stacked, he’s always hurt and Carl Crawford and Andre Either are available. End of story.

The Mariners need some veteran help, no doubt about it. I’d seek other options though.

Lloyd McClendon’s Golden Opportunity

I think this is a golden opportunity for me and this is a golden time for the Seattle Mariners,” McClendon said. “I think there’s nothing but good things for this organization and I certainly think we’re heading in the right direction. I know the last three or four years have been very tough and very disappointing. But I was asked a question earlier today: Does this team remind you at all of the Pittsburgh Pirates? And I said no, it reminds me of the Detroit Tigers. And I mean that sincerely. This team reminds me so much of the 2006 Tigers and the potential that was with that team. I’m really excited and honored to be here. Hopefully we’ll do great things here.”- McClendon during press conference.

I’m going to agree with a lot of what McClendon had to say. I’m also going to disagree with a lot of what McClendon had to say. The current Seattle Mariners roster is full of young, solid talent. I just hasn’t been developed yet. The way I see things is this; these players haven’t spent enough time in the minor leagues. These players haven’t spent enough time developing their skills and the coaching staff within the Mariners organization is in a desperate situation.

I look at the current roster and I think to myself. “we have the pitching, we have the depth in the bullpen. Where is the offense?”

That’s the biggest hurdle the Mariners are facing right now. No offense. Can one man spark an offensive barrage of talent within the ranks of the Seattle Mariners?

My other thoughts on this are, “where are the veterans to help these young guys develop while in the Bigs?” No where. Gutierrez couldn’t stay healthy, Morse was a bust, no one wants Raul Ibanez, Miguel Olivo didn’t stay around.. I mean. How does a team expect to grow with just a bunch of 20 year olds on the roster?! It’s actually quite frustrating and to hear McClendon say that the last couple of years have been frustrating and disappointing, well, yeah. It’s been the same ol’ song and dance for the last three seasons and we are still hearing more of the same.

Click here to watch the entire press conference.